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I'm In Love


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Well, as it happens, I've fallen in love again.  I can't get enough, I can't eat, can't sleep, it's all I think about.  My wife is jealous, I've neglected my job, shined on my family and generally become as irresponsible as  a twitterpated teen-ager.


Oh, wait, you're thinking it's a woman!?!.  Nope.  It's my truck.  My now FIXED truck.  I finally fixed my long suffering problems, simply by replacing the TCU and repairing some grounds.  The actual fix took me a grand total of $25 and about 20 minutes after F&%#ing with it for MONTHS and spending a lot more than $25 stabbing new (and likely unnecessary) parts into it


I have driven it about 600 miles in a little over a week, just for fun!!!  Over the river and through the woods, down the valley, up the mountains, to the city, off road, in the snow, in the mud, on the freeway, country roads.  All this without a single hiccup, unidentified clunk or slip.  Shifts perfect, rides smooth...it's like a brand new truck.  I'd like to thank all the guys who helped me with this and I'd like to thank myself for finally "getting" it and sticking with it.


Thanks to:


Hornbrod - Don, thanks for just sending me the AW4 manual, which in fact was what I needed all along

Cruiser54- for unending smartness and familiarity with the entire system of this genre of transport.  PM's and e-mails really helped.

Oyaji - for bringing up the fact that my overheating had nothing to do with my cooling system.  At first I was an unbeliever, but I now have a different outlook on troubleshooting.  I'm not a total convert, but more than one way to "skin a cat" was never so true.


...and all the others who contributed to my seemingly un-ending issues.

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