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20% at RuffStuff Specialties


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Mods, sorry if this type of post isn't allowed and please do delete, but I got a "special offer" email from RSS today that they are doing a 20% off sale today only until noon on Sunday. In case anyone is buying some last minute xmas items (or just shopping in general), it might be handy. I usually do a google search and check forums for coupon codes before ordering anything, so maybe this will help someone. I bought their D44 cover and couldn't find a discount then so this would have been a good time to order.



Saturday is our slowest day so we are going to liven it up! This 20% off sale is only good for today and tommorrow til noon. If you are stuck home while everyone else is out playing, this sale is for you!



This sale is sent to a random group of 300-600 customers and will not be sent again next Saturday so take advantage of this while you can.



Use coupon code SNOWBALL and convince us that this type of marketing works!



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