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Rochester memorial art gallery..... Please read ...important


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This is the email I sent to my friends and family today when I heard the news...

Please read and pass along to animal lovers, or just simple humans alike...







Hello Friends,




Many of you know that I have an enthusiastic personality. I am very passionate about the things in my life that I care dearly about. Family, Friends, work, and my cars are the obvious ones. But recent events in the Rochester NY area have stirred another enthusiastic response from me.


The Rochester Memorial Art Gallery has hired a controversial artist to create sculpture for the institution to commemorate its 100th birthday. The artist chosen however has a marked past. In 1977 Mr. Tom Otterness adopted a dog from an Animal shelter, chained it up and shot the animal in the name of art. His "work" entitled Shot Dog Film, has earned Mr. Otterness a controversial reputation.


The Memorial Art Gallery feels this artist is an appropriate figure head to culminate 100 years of art in the Rochester community. I had a very lengthy conversation with the director of the Gallery, Mr. Grant Holcomb, who defended the Gallery's decision saying he was voted on by the community board. I would like to show Mr. Holcomb that the GREATER Rochester community does not stand behind the decision of the community board and perhaps they should make better judgment calls on the types of artists they bring to OUR community.




For more information I have provided some links bellow to local articles on the subject matter.









Article 2





Please don't just sign the petition because you feel obligated to. I want people to sign the petition that truly feel the Memorial Art Gallery made a mistake in who they contracted to represent them.




I appreciate your time,




Happy Holidays and a Healthy New year.




Sign the Petition http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/mag/






Arie Schochat

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