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2.8L V6 Parts (NJ)


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Was going to post this in my other topic but figured I'd let this stand out a bit more. Have a 2.8L V6 that will be going to the scrap yard next weekend, just seeing if anyone needs any little parts off it. Just about all the small parts I'm willing to send just for the price of shipping.


What I'm keeping or is missing:

Power steering pump



And I'm sure there's a few other parts but feel free to ask! Figured I'd help keep a few others alive and running. Reason for removing (if anyone is interested) is there is a loud internal clunking. I think a lifter went bad and I wasn't going to start dumping money into this engine, decided to swap a 350 in instead.


Selling the carb for $50 though. It has a fresh rebuild on it and includes a few parts from another kit for spares and a new mounting gasket.


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