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1990 Comanche 4x4 - Eastern Shore MD

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1990 Jeep Comanche 4wd - $699 (Kent Island)


Date: 2011-10-30, 7:21PM EDT

Reply to: sale-5ugqk-2672586765@craigslist.org


Ok if you are looking at this you know that these are pretty hard to find and even harder to find in 4 wheel drive version. Its not in the greatest of condition but can easily be brought back to life. I couldnt get it to start to I put in a new fuel pump and filter and still it won't start. However it will run with starter fluid sprayed into it. The bed is rhino lined, it is missing the back bumper but a bumper from a dodge dakota will work on it, or make your own. When I got it all the windows are busted out of it, but if you are familiar with junkyards all of them are pretty easy to get since everything but the back window is just like the regular Cherokee. It is a 5 speed manual. I also have some extra jeep wheels and tires to go with it. I have a car trailer and can deliver it to you. First one with $699 gets it. Please call Jason 410-924-2588




In case anyone is interested, here is a rundown of the truck:


The truck is a pretty big POS. Rear fenders are rusted out, frame isn't rotted, but it's headed in that direction. Both sides of the floorboards are rotted from the front to the back and would need to be replaced. Bottom edges of the doors are rusted and rotting. Bottom lip of the tailgate is rotting. Every single window is busted out or smashed in and nothing to keep the rain out. Aftermarket sunroof was put in, but the glass is busted out so the rain had a direct entrance into the truck. Interior is in real rough shape and it doesn't run, likely because half of the fuses are missing and/or destroyed. I have a feeling this was a junkyard truck that the guy just wanted for himself. I basically told him how to get it running and left. I wouldn't even take the truck for scrap value.

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