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Full Floor Pans

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I've used the search function and google, and have probably read hundreds of threads/posts on floor pans but I haven't found anything on Full Pans..... is that b/c there isn't one available?


These 2 companies are mentioned the most:

- Sherman

- Classic to Current Fabrication


Are their other manufactures that I should consider?

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C2C also makes the combined front and rear pans for each side. I went with these. I don't have the fab skills so I had my body shop do it, they had a he'll of a time (also had them do C2C outer rockers and they had to make the inner ones). I couldn't find a single entire pan that covered the front, real, and trans tunnel either.


1986-92 Comanche Half Floor Pan, LH



1986-92 Comanche Half Floor Pan, RH


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The only full pan they make is the one for a Cherokee. You will need to cut it down to the size of the Comanches to put it in. OMIX makes the full OEM floor pan for the Cherokee and I was extremely pleased with it. I ended up cutting and piecing that into mine (you can see it in my build page). Not sure if that's along the lines of yours but I wasn't able to find anything and that was my buddies solution to the problem.

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