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My 88 Comanche Project

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Picked up a 88 Comanche 2WD Short bed I have been driving around for about 4 months now. Its got the 4.0 with the 5 speed in it. Not much to look at right now but does run and drive. Last owner replaced the clutch so at least I do not have to worry about that. I am into the little truck about $350 buts and so far had to come up with a couple of old tires to replace some bad ones and one front brake caliber.


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Gives me something to do and drive it at the same time. I took the rear drivers fender flare of the bed and knocking of the big rust. So far just found one rust though on that side. Before I go any farther I was going to pic up something for the rust, like a rust preventer primer.

Never did any body work so lucky for me the truck is not wrecked or any big dents. Most of the rust is over the passenger side of the bed and the bottom of the drivers door is shot. I do have a line on a whole door for $40 in my area that I think will be the best bet.

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