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87 Jeep comanche for SALE! 3000$


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1987 Comanche, 2.5l, 4 speed tranny, 2wd.


115k miles all on the pavement.



The NEW: Tires( less then 2k miles on them), spark plugs and wires, air filter, brakes both front and back.


The good: Air condition blows strong and cold, very nice radio, in super good condition both interior and exterior. Engine runs great, shifts smooth, no clunkyness or scraping on anything. The windshield is all in one piece, no cracks. Just recently pulled up carpets to check for rust, and there is none. I also got under the truck and grinded the little rust there was and painted it with black rust enamel, and protectant.


The bad: Emergency brake snapped, so I took it out and just haven't ordered a new one yet, (a 15$ part). There is a medium sized dent in the driver side door, can easily be pulled out just waiting on my buddy to bring me his tool. A small rip in the drivers seat, once again something that can probably be sowed up. Burns a little oil, but so does every other 25 year old truck.


I'm asking 2800$ I'm willing to negotiate.


I live right outside of Athens Georgia and am willing to drive for buyers.





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