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Distributor install

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OK, so my dizzy was chirping and howling, figured I'd just replace it. It was not causing any running or driveability isssues, just the noise.


Here's what I did.


Removed old dist.

Rotated engine to TDC compression (with help from wife). Double checked TDC (you know, it's my wife).

Set rotor at 4 o'clock.

Set oil pump slot at 11 o'clock.

Slid dist in. It turned, engaged and seated, now the rotor is at about 5 o'clock. Put bolt and mounting hardware all back together. Done


Replaced cap (and I know the firing order is 1-5-3-6-2-4)and replaced wires.

Fired it up, and it roared to life.


The only diffference is that at idle and upon acceleration, first 1000 rpm's it's rough, not sputttering, just rough. After that it's fine.


What am I missing?? Is there an adjustment...and how could I be one tooth off if everything was put back the same way. :huh???:

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