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Exhaust knock?

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On startup, I get a pretty serious knock/rattle that seems to be coming from the catalytic converter. It only occurs when the engine is cold, and it only carries on for 1-3 seconds. When the idle starts to come back down, the noise goes away. My muffler is trashed - just waiting on saving some pennies for a new one. Has anyone had a similar issue with the cat? My emissions are good for two years, so I wouldn't be too sad about losing it if it's toast, and just getting a new cat-less exhaust system installed.

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Sounds like the cat might be shot to me. Do you notice the noise at all when driving?


If it is the cat and if you're gonna replace the muffler anyway I would do the cat at the same time while you've got everything tore apart. Otherwise, in two years you'll be ripping apart a perfectly good exhaust system just to put the cat in for your emissions test. I'm not sure you're gonna get any real perfomance gains without the cat so why lose it? Just my two cents. :smart:

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