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New guy with a new project!

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Hey all,


Ever since my Dad bought a 90 MJ way back in the day I wanted on and now I finally got one! :clapping:


1987 Comanche Sportruck! Over all is not bad...some cancer on the body but nothing through yet. The worst is on the drive side floor that is all the way through. I believe the truck is mostly stock.


Future plans, Probably just a modest RC 3" lift and just get her back on the road. :cheers:


Truck ran strong when I first got her and was solid for about a month. The other night I was alittle hard on her and the next day she seemed like she was idling rough and was missing. There was a slight smell of gas in the cabin as well.


oh well...hence why they call it a project! :banana:

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Welcome. Nice truck!


I am on FT Belvoir and live in Alexandria. If you see me around in a dark blue longbed with canyon wheels be sure to wave. :waving:


If you are looking for a tailgate, I can link you up with another servicemember that is parting 2 Comanches at really good prices. Last time I spoke with him he said that he still had bolth tailgates.


Just shoot me a PM.

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