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MJ Rear Brake disaster

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I just bought my first MJ to use as a daily driver. The rear brakes are a mess. I had to drive the truck 100 miles to get it home, luckily I have a friend that lives near where I got the truck so less than 10 minutes after I had the keys in my hands we had it up on his lift to check it out for the ride home. The previous owner had told me everything in the rear brakes was new, evidentally "everything" means everything but the wheel cylinders both of which were leaking and seized up. We replaced both cylinders and the brakes improved enough to drive it home but they are still not acceptable for daily use.


I highly doubt the load sensing valve is working with as rust as it looks and the fact that both rear wheel cylinders were seized (they probably have moved in along time) It looks like one of the two lines coming from the master cylinder has been replaced. The is also a compression T that is plumbed in after the load sensing valve which appears to be an attempt at bypassing it but after the reading I have done is incorrect. I have a bunch of YJ proportioning valves laying around from other builds and I am consider using one of those running a new rear brake line to get rid of the load valve. Seems to me that a YJ valve would be better suited for use on the MJ than an XJ valve. The YJs are lighter in the rear than the XJ and I seem to remember a XJ valve swap done on YJs to increase rear braking power. Does this sound like a good idea?


The rear brakes also seem to hanging up. I am betting it is due to the ebrake cables. I am going to disconnect the cables as see if that solves the problem. If the cables are hanging is there a way to lubricate them or do the need to be replaced? If so are the available anywhere? And should I look at cables from a different application due to the 4" lift that is on this MJ?


I am looking forward to getting this MJ on the road, daily driving my V8 ZJ is hard on the wallet at 13mpg. Plus its been a long time since I daily drove a manual transmission and I am looking forward to it, I like driving a stick. The ZJ will then go back to its duties as bad weather driver for my wife and tow rig for my rock buggy.


Any help is greatly appreciaed.

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