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MJ roll over Roof damage and A pillar IDEAS NEEDED

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Well Uhwarrie was going well went through some of the more difficult trails and ended up slowly falling on my side. Need to come up with a good fix. Rock on passanger a pillar and roof caused most and worst damage. Damaged bed too makes the worst of it door fender not problem just replace. I'm thinking of getting a XJ cutting it from the pillars all the way back behind the back doors off 4 door XJ. Cut the back off the MJ from just behind the doors to place behind the 4 door Xj shell. Work the rear 4 door floor area to conform to mj frame rails. 18 gallon tank might have enough room to move back closer to rear axle. Move filler neck back and sideways up and infront or rear fender. The bed will be pretty straight forward just cut a section out as need and weld. Thats the plan in the ruff.


I want to hear where the best spots to cut the body from anyone who has hacked on mj :( and xj :)


She Drove Home Straight As And Arrow Amazingly

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This something like I'm going for. Just won't bother fixin up the rear doors that way and have the mj back fill and flush in the curve of the back doors. Measurements say it could all fit in just before rear fender.

Image Not Found

not the best but exactly what I'm going for this is really accurate for the fit

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