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Rochester E2SE Carburetor $100 +/- fix-up

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I haven't posted here in awhile but spent last week repairing my stock 86 truck w/2.8 fuel/air problem - figure it might help someone on here.


After ordering a rebuild Rochester E2SE carb from National Carburetor and waiting a week I get an email from them telling me "sorry we don't have that carb in stock". My first thought was anger that it was listed on their website as in stock, then I remembered seeing mixture control solenoids for sale on Rock Auto under the emissions category Part # MX27 (their price was only $53.97 so I ordered one). Also ordered a new choke thermostat and carb air intake gasket.


AT first I could only find the mixture control solenoids on the Napa website for a whopping $180 ... the rebuilt carb I tried to order was only $260 <--- my logic was go for the carb etc etc.


Anyways ... to make a long story short, if you have the 2.8 V6 with the Rochester E2SE carb, you might want to buy one of these solenoids just to have on hand. My old solenoid was broke off at the tip where the small rubber o-ring is... the metal broke in half allowing fuel to pour in and cause an overly rich mixture. I figured if I have the carb out might as well change to choke too just for sh*ts and giggles.


After cleaning the carb real good I drilled out the choke rivets tapped the holes for the new choke.. installed the solenoid, replaced a bunch of rotted vacuum hoses... and now the truck starts and runs great even has more power up hills.


I also discarded the tiny inaccessible carb fuel filter replacing it with a inline filter.


So.. if there is anybody here with a real AMC Comanche ... this one might help you! :rotf:

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