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What if you don't have $3500 to spend?


Maybe instead of putting a 6 speed transmissinn in back of a 4 cylinder motor, you should put a 6 cylinder motor in front of a 5 speed transmission.


I agree. I hate to dog someones project but a 4cyl likely won't have the power to turn the low 1st gear or low 6th gear (2nd OD) of most t56s. I mean of course it will work, but it'll be a total dog.


I'm running a 4.0/5 speed combo and love it. Even if I could get a magical 6th gear for free, I'd have no use for it. I'm at optimal cruising rpm at 65-70. And 1st gear is just right as well. I run a t56 in my stang and even there it's really not neccessary, I just like being able to run a taller gear, and its also a strong trans.


Just somethin to think about (and save alot of money on).

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sorry to say but you guys are forgetting the final drive ratio. using this trans would let him use a lower gear say 4.10:1 on the street. i say go for it if you want. would be a BA setup behind a 2.4 turbo from a SRT-4.


A common t56 has a final drive of .62. For comparison, a regual t5 has a .68. There are exceptions (viper spec t56 is .5, and so on). And like I stated in my last post, first gear is not as agressive in a t56 as in most 5 speeds.

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