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The RROCK 2008 Series Championships!!!


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The RROCK Extreme Rockcrawl 2008 Series Championships

August 23rd at Hannibal Rocks!



Trails also open for trail riding. Paid trail

riders watch the competitions for free.


Lots of close races in the 08 RROCK Series.


One series point separates Blume/Blume and West/Keller for the Pro Modified

1st Place.

One series point seperates Figge/Brandt and Grady/Grady for the Legends Class 2nd Place.

One series point separates Bruso/Holland and Good/Angell for the Modified Stock Class 1st Place....and all series teams competing in all 4 events drop their worst event score.

Anything can change!


Come watch the climbs, off camber drops, and most importantly--some of the best off-road driving you'll ever witness!


Series tiebreakers---most 1st place finishes---if their is still a tie----best finish at the final event.


Lots of exciting action as the 2008 season comes to a close.


Also pay very close attention to the Modified Stock Class Top Finishers.

These teams are also battling it out for a spot in Cooper Tires' All Stock Nationals which will be held on their own home turf, Hannibal Rocks, Sept 27th & 28th.




The chase comes to a finish August 23rd as the RROCK 2008 Series Competitors battle it out one more time at Hannibal Rocks for the Season's Titles.




Series standings can be found here:

http://www.rrock.us/Events/2008/RROCK/2 ... oints3.htm



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