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Clutch Pedal ??

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I'll try to explain this the best I can:


I noticed a lot of slop in the clutch pedal and my trans is NOT shifting smoothly--got looking at the slop and discovered a big gob of weld on the pedal arm up near the shaft it rides on--looks like someone tried to weld it to the arm beside it that the clutch master rod attaches to. The weld is broken now and basically the only thing pushing that rod in is that gob of weld pushing on the arm when I push the clutch pedal. the weld is twisted back a bit so I don't think the clutch master rod is getting pushed in far enough. SO--Are the pedal arm and actuator arm supposed to be attched or or keyed together on that shaft or is it broke and thats why it has a gob of weld on it? I'll try to get a pic of it. thanks. :Canadaflag: :cheers: :USAflag:

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