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  1. Thanks for the kind words and the picture. Actually SandMountainJeep. Stay in touch
  2. Are 5.9 springs the same as the ones on a 5.2 Grand Cherokee?
  3. Thanks for all the information! I'll decide which way to go soon. And thanks for the spacers!
  4. Installing an ARB front bumper with 9000 lb. Warn winch on an otherwise stock 91 Comanche and looking for recommendation on front springs and/or shocks to maintain ride height. Thanks!
  5. Cruiser, seems the tube is partially blocked as very little air is getting through. Is it ok to replace it with a piece of vacuum hose? Does the hose need to be a certain diameter to regulate the amount of vacuum? Also Don I'll check the codes and voltage. The check engine light did come on when I removed the line. Thanks to you both!
  6. 91 4.0 auto 4x4 running very rich when started, exhaust smells like raw gas. idle is very bad. If started and then shut off after just a couple of minutes then try to restart must hold pedal to floor to get it to start. Runs fair to good after warm up. It has been a lot worse since cold weather arrived. 116,000 miles, cat removed years ago. Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Sounds like a winner to me. Thanks for all your help!
  8. Thanks, that a great site! What do you think the .75 or 1.75 spacers?
  9. What is the easiest way to level the front end of a 4x4 Comanche? What does it need 1 1/2 to 2 inches? Thanks! 8)
  10. Two wires coming out, one brown and one black, plug into the harness with one wire being black with red tracer and one solid black. Looks like a sending unit, screws into disconnect housing. Looked at a friends 88 model and it has the blue unit you mentioned but my 91 does not have it. His does not have the switch on the disconnect.
  11. Thanks, I'll check that. Mine has an electrical switch mounted in the disconnect housing, what is it for?
  12. I have a 91 and no part time light, although the 4x4 does engage. Does the switch on the axle complete a ground circuit or a positive circuit? Trying to narrow the possibilities before pulling the cluster to check the bulb. Thanks! :???:
  13. I would consider a full cluster also with the same mileage.
  14. Thanks for the offer, but too far from north Alabama. I would just want the storage bins because my panels are perfect. :cheers:
  15. Thanks for all the replys! My 91 doesn't have them and no sign it ever did. I'll look around for a pair of gray ones. 8)
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