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    1986 Jeep Comanche XLS build date: Nov. 1986 V6 engine with standard transmission and 4X4 factory roll bar in the 7' bed, factory cargo lamp, black paint, red interior, plow mount I found it in a jy in CT I got the roll bar and cargo lamp, since then they might have moved it, but I think it went to the crusher.
  2. Cargo lamp sold. The rest is still here.
  3. Selling two left taillights, one has a small chip on the lens, the other has a cracked tab. both come with sockets/bulbs and pig tails, $30 each Stock cargo lamp, one of the mounting screws snapped, and will need to be drilled out, but otherwise the lamp is in good condition, and as you can see in the pictures, the PO installed a toggle switch in the dummy slot. lamp, switch, and gasket are $60 shipped. stock '95 xj coils. $40 if you pick them up $50 shipped plastic tailgate bed liner panel. slightly warped. the main piece had the Jeep logo on it. dunno if it's stock, aftermarket, or dealer installed. $5 if you pick it up. otherwise it's getting tossed.
  4. Still looking to sell the tailgate and tail lights.
  5. Guy


    1992 jeep comanche No drivetrain remaining build date: 8/91 Location: JY in Thompson CT basically a cab. no engine/tranny/axles. no bed/frame rails. stock sunroof is taken. bench seat remains. stock(?) 4 pane rear slider with the far passenger side pane smashed out. It was a standard. It is red.
  6. Sure thing. I'll send you a PM.
  7. I have a stock LWB roll bar with brackets. Sold. I have a tailgate with a little surface rust. $70. I've got 2 left tail lights. $35 each, plus shipping. free renix era coolant bottle.
  8. everything minus the badges is still available...
  9. My name's Ben. I'm a long time lurker. i'm officially "coming out" as a comanche club reader. I have some stuff in my driveway I need to get rid of. Stock LWB roll bar: This is a factory roll bar. I found it in a junkyard. it is in superb condition, but my truck's a swb. I'm looking to trade it, kuz i don't want to chop it down. If anyone has a swb roll bar in new england, I want to trade. -The only problem is a little bit of rust rust on the wheel well plates. -If i can't find a trade I'm asking 175 bucks, but like I said, I'm looking to swap it. I also have a few taillights (3 driver's side, 1 passenger's): -The one for the passenger's side has spray paint "trim" on it. -all four lights come with sockets, wires, and bulbs. -one socket has a broken locking tab. -I want $75 for a pair/$40 each. $35 for the one with a broken tab. I found some badges, last time I was at the junkyard: **Badges are sold** A renix collant tank (FREE): some comanche seat belts that didn't fit in mine (aparently the clickers changed when chrysler took over? :dunno: ) (also FREE): -the belts and tank are free. come and take them out of my yard. -the roll bar i'm looking to trade. -the taillights, I'm willing to ship.
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