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  1. Just registered. I have been fancying a Comanche ever since I saw a flying one in one of my jeep books and then all of a sudden my oncle (huge Jeep collector with 15+ jeeps) had bought, not one, but two of them. I showed interest and I was "allowed" to buy the worst one... I said no... It got cheaper, I said no... Then one day I got an email where he asked me if I wanted it or it should go to the dump. One week later it was in my drive way when I got home from work. Free of charge. Nice. Anyway, it is a 1988 Comanche Chief, 4.0, 4x4, burgundy red interior, white exterior with black markings and red rust. It has all of the usual (from what I've read in here) rust problems: Bed panels, tailgate, cap sidepanels (rockers as US) including corners and most likely also floors. It hasn't driven for at least 10 years. The engine doesn't start. No turning over and no fuel. The fuel pump is ticking, but no fuel at the engine. Plenty of sparks and the starter can be short circuted with a pry-bar. Glad to have joined. I'm looking advice, tail lights, body parts(?) and a good source for regular service stuff like brake components, air filter, spark plugs and so on.
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