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  1. manch420

    Roll bar-ind

    got one on my LWB I'm tryin to get rid of for cheap!!
  2. 1987 jeep comanche 5.5 rustys lift, , bobbed 13inches, 4.0 5spd with 176xxx, np231 transfercase with 3.73 gears. tons of power in 4-wheel drive =] minor body damage on passenger side but nothin a little bondo and some paint can't fix! (dent in pic was pulled) Bad: needs exaust system motor runs like a champ but does not like to get up and go in 2wd. (i drive it every day with no problems, just a little slow is all) if you have more questions or wanna come take a look just PM me
  3. i actually have a SWB roll bar in my LWB comanche. ive been trying to find one like yours. let me know if you still got it =]
  4. How the hell do fix the high-rev start up? Almost every time i start up my MJ it sounds like the throttle is pushed all the way to the floor and the only thing i can do is shut it off and retry untill it idles normally.
  5. i have like 3 sets of un used taillights for extras
  6. 87' comanche Has "metric ton" package my DD =] i-6 4.0 5speed new 33's complete rustys lift kit battle Worrior!! let me know how i did for building this beast from the ground up =D
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