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  1. Yeah I think I’m just going to go down to either 30 or 31in tires, I don’t like the 33s enough to want to re gear to keep them. when I put the 33s on I never changed the speedo so it’s always a couple mph off
  2. I don’t really know very much about gearing an all that so I need some help. I have an 4wd 89 Comanche with 33in tires, the previous owner says it has a Ford 8.8 rear end and new Yukon 3:73 gearing, it’s also an AX-15 manual. I’ve noticed it’s really slow uphills and not very good off-road uphill, so do I need to re gear? With the 8.8 rear end would 4.10 gears fit? Would I need to re hear front and back? Could I just run smaller tires? I don’t totally need 33s and would rather have less clearance but better uphill and it would be easier to do new tires than new gears?
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