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  1. Here’s some pics of of 242 TC and the crossmember for the trans, not sure which one they’ve used and if maybe the mount could be reason for my shifter hitting back or console. Any suggestions on how to best can clearance on TC and if trans is mounted too high or wrong mount?
  2. Looks like the transfer case is touching. Four points that stick out from the case contact the tunnel. I’ll post some pics below, including cross member
  3. Thanks. I ordered one off eBay so will try that when I get it. I’ll look for that video as well
  4. Thank you. Everything seems have been done well. Wiring nearly zip tied under relay fuse cover, rear end clean installed. No issues other than tracking down noise and seemingly lack of power but I’ve never had a 4x4 with bigger tires, but originals were included. I will go check transfer case contact and get back to you on that. Other person mentioned it was the nv3550 as well. Is that the reason I’m hitting console and Not shifter? Consensus seems to be leave rear axle, should I get a different manual? That being said I might have a synchro issue as it grinds on shift to 2nd unless I take my time.
  5. Thanks. I did pull the numbers and put them into the computer but neither produced any info. But the last number on each is not completely legible so I just guessed a few. It’s a 5 speed and looking at pictures of the nv3550 it appears to be that. If that’s the case will a MJ/XJ shifter solve my issue as looks like they cut a bit on the hole as well or would I need a ax15 to get back to proper fitment?
  6. Thanks for the tip. Just googled the nsg and definitely not that one.
  7. Hey! I’ve usually been a social media guy, but as I’ve shifted away I’ve found this site most helpful so far. So I thought I start off by saying Hi and asking for some help. I just bought a 1989 Pioneer from a guy flipping it and didn’t know it’s history. I’ve figured out a few but unsure about others. So it’s SWB 4x4. It’s had the rear axle swapped for a 2006 KJ looks to be well done. Front driveshaft is missing but picked up a used one. Transmission appears to be a AX15 but lacks that middle plate that’s on most of them. It has 242 transfer case. 4L was replaced with one with 70km a few years ago (thanks to note in owners manual) but motor appears to be HO judging by valve cover. Several sensors in exhaust have no wires coming from them and some do. It came with the shifter boot off and when I put it on it started popping out of 4th. Noticed the console was also notched a smidge and the shifter is not MJ as it’s really tall. There’s also what sounded like a really loud exhaust leak but went over whole exhaust and header looks new and exhaust has no holes. Noise is only when accelerating, while constant speed or decel noise is gone. Seems rather low on power as well. I just ordered a xj shifter SS from reading posts on here seems like might be the issue. But don’t see why someone would cut the console and not just get right shifter as you can’t drive with boot on anyone. Looking to get 4x4 working, fix noise and figure out exactly all they’ve done. So any input on what transmission I have? If rear end would be limited slip or should I put a Dana back in? Looking to definitely get the shifter boot to function and fix the notch in the console. Thanks for any and all help.
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