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  1. On an off note, I do not recommend ever jacking up or supporting your vehicle by the leaf springs. This can prove to be very unsafe, and can damage the spring, as demonstrated by the bend in the location where you are currently jacking the vehicle up. Just my .02. -Alex
  2. Kind of what I said..... Same but different...
  3. link16

    MD guys

    I live in Baltimore County, north of the city. I don't mind driving a little bit, I also need some wheeling buddies. I am going to get a few recovery points then I should be ready. If anyone up my way wants to wrench or wheel, I am down for it.
  4. Here is how I test for proper transfercase operation (engagement only): Let the truck idle and in 2wd get under the truck and spin the front driveshaft by hand (it should be free and with little resistance) shift into 4wd get back under the truck and try and spin the driveshaft (a working shifter/selector will "lock" the driveshaft from free spinning) I hope this helps, I actually did this on the trail to diagnose my issues before.
  5. "Bleeding" is for brakes. "Burping" is for the cooling system. What do we do to clutches? :) Sorry, if we're arguing semantics, I can't resist.
  6. Like this? http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=23276&hilit=coolant Finding a clearly depicted bleed process is not easily found in a search. I did searches and I got choppy and conflicting information. Thank you for your help guys.
  7. I will apply this stuff to my efforts tomorrow. Thank you guys. I will report my findings and my solution tomorrow. -Alex
  8. Lets start of with: I have a 1988 Comanche with a 4.0L Renix mated to a 5spd transmission. Everything is stock in the engine bay. I am having a slow over heating issue. I over filled the expansion tank and it boiled over, I replaced the cap with one that was on a newer '90 cherokee and it did not stop the issue. I can drive for about 20+ miles before the needle passes the 210 mark, but it doesn't stop until just before the red. My antifreeze is bright green, and is fresh. I did jack up the truck and pulled out the sensor in the back of the head, and got a mouth full of hot antifreeze. I assume I did something wrong there. When I turn off the truck I can hear a sizzle from the expansion tank cap. I am going to swap the tank with the new cap and see if it is just a mating issue. How much do I fill the expansion tank up? What could I be doing wrong, and could someone illustrate a little clearer how to bleed the cooling system?
  9. Any pictures yet? I am curious as to the new discovery. I have a yj hitch I was contemplating trying to fit to my MJ.
  10. Not a nag at all, I am going to post it locally and on here, I don't like the look of them, personally. I do know there is a market for them though.
  11. link16

    MD guys

    Are there any MD guys that want to go wheeling? Stepney Road is a common ground from what I hear, I haven't been there yet, but I need a wheeling buddy. I am looking to get bigger tires in the near future, and possibly a winch, so I would be a decent wheeling buddy. Lets get some MD members talkin in this forum!
  12. link16

    Roll Call!

    Northernish MD here, some places still left to wheel around here, but everyone I know traded their trail rigs for KIA's in cash for clunkers.... :fs1:
  13. Here are the pics as promised. Pardon the cell phone pictures, my camera was d-e-d Dead. Enjoy fellas, and let me know what you all think. :cheers:
  14. The truck is in Kingsville now, I am closing on my house in Parkville at the end of July. I am going to get it ready before then (hopefully). The cooling issue is bugging me, but that should be solved soon. The truck is really nice, I am going to make a few modifications, but she will be better from it. My plans are: 33" tires A suspension lift to accomidate the tires bucket seats patch the little bit of rust on the bed, and then either rhinoliner, or herculiner the interior of the bed I plan on Herculining or rhinolining the floors inside the cab. I think front and rear aussie lockers are in it's future as well. I will get better pics of it tonight, the cap is going to be for sale if anyone is interested
  15. When your Friday night plans with the lady friend involves a two hour one way drive to LOOK at a MJ, but you knew you were going to buy it before you even called the guy to ask about it.
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