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    Maybe not all, but probably most of them. American cars were expensive here back then (high fees and taxes) so most people wanting a truck bought European Ford Transit, VW Transporter or a Mercedes light truck. If you decided to spend the extra money needed for an American truck, you probably motivated that by the extra load capacity that the Jeep MTP offered over most of its European competitors.
  2. Freddie


    Fantastic. Many thanks for all this valuable information, Eaglescout526! I have of course started to check the truck to see what items on it that has been changed over the years. Most of the items on the list seem to correspond with how the truck is equipped today. This far I have only found one item, "JAY-Instrument cluster with tach", that differs. I have the "giant fuel gauge" version of the instrument cluster. Harry Karlsson was the Swedish AMC/Chrysler importer between 1971 and 1999 and sold more or less all of the Jeeps in Sweden in that period (but there was a also a lot of
  3. Freddie


    Thanks! Interesting with the Metric ton package. Most of the MJ’s I have seen here has had the MTP so it was probably a popular option. But MJ’s are a rare sight here, only 275 vehicles remain in all of Sweden according to official data. All I6 automatic except one single five speed manual.
  4. Freddie


    Hi everybody, So, I have just bought a Comanche and found this nice forum. My truck is a 1987 Laredo 4x4 Automatic Longbed Metric ton option Red exterior with beige (Honey or tan(?)) interior. Sold new in Sweden in 1987. 14 owners ago according to official records. The label with mfg date has faded but the carpet was market 07/87 so it is probably made sometime in the summer of 1987. It is in very good condition. No rust (pulled the carpets) and paintwork is excellent. Probably resprayed but with good workmanship.
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