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  1. 1jTmL63p1jt229287 Got the vin guys. Any help is welcome
  2. Thanks everyone for the reply’s I’m going to ask the owner about these. Definitely looks like it was manual. And yes the wiring is what’s really me question this. He’s offering it for a decent price, but I’m not sure about how’s he’s even getting coolant. Says it’s running And the trans is “crunchy”. I’ll let y’all know the answers! I really want to bring her home and hopefully just be some minor fixes. Any other suggestions are welcomed.
  3. Found this 88 but was wondering why this was done to this. Been sitting for 5 years in a barn and I see it’s missing a couple of things from the engine bay, coolant reservoir, even the battery was relocated. Maybe you can spot some other stuff? Is this a norm? Might pick her up later today and give her a home but Just wanted to some input from you all as well if this bay looks “questionable” just from the imagined itself before I attempt to drive her hours back home as a risk.
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