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  1. My bad - I see that bolt ought to be 5/16-18 - I would be keeping same - the current bolt is chewed up so I got the thread size wrong - I’ll also be making a temp jig to guide the drill once I determine the thermostat housing hole to hole distance - thanks for the feedback on the bolt
  2. Hey y’all - thanks a bunch for the feedback - I’m gonna do some drilling’ and I’ll let you know how it turns out - M8-1.25 threads - and yes the ‘another hole in my head is spot on !”
  3. 89 MJ 4.0L 2WD AUTO 140k - found this delightful surprise while going after the thermostat - lower mounting boss broken off - previous owner busted it and basically RTV'd thermostat housing it in place - any suggestion to repair without pulling head would be appreciated - reman CYL head #2686 is hard to find / expensive. Comments on these ideas appreciated 1) clean thoroughly and JB Weld a helicoil in place and use smaller fastener 2) drill into water jacket / tap and use longer fastener - seal with #2 permatex 3) add 2 smaller adjacent fasteners into the cylinder head face on either side of the busted one Any other approaches would be appreciated
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