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  1. EagleScout...thx for the excellent info on the horns and nice to know about the EGR purge solenoid. For the horns, this seems like a good thing to fix when I upgrade the bumpers. Much appreciated!!!
  2. Hey Pete - I'm taking the pictures with Android. They then back up to Google Photos. Then once there, I download them to my PC (Windows 10 / Chrome). When I upload to the forum, they are in the correct orientation, but then get rotated. For the pictures that are upside down, I actually rotated them upside down as a test then uploaded thinking the software would then rotate them right-side-up, but it kept them upside down. Didn't make sense. Software has a mind of its own.
  3. This is all really helpful. Thank you! Sounds like a big project. Will probably move it a bit down the list. While I have the attention of some masters, trying to figure out why my horn doesn't work. If I'm gonna let my son drive this, I should have some basic safety elements in place, right. When I push the steering wheel horn button I hear a click so the switch is probably working. I went to go test the horn itself and couldn't find it. It's an easy replacement but finding the wires for it may be harder. On my CJ7 that has the exact same engine the horn is mounted on the right
  4. Here is a picture of the interior control panel and also of the engine bay, with a close up of the left side firewall as Minuit suggested. What do I got here A/C wise? (Sorry engine pictures are upside down - this program is orientating that way no matter what I do)
  5. Thanks for the feedback so far. I will post some pictures of the engine bay tomorrow once I have some light. Regarding dashboard, was hoping an upholstery shop may be an option. Been search for moth Comanche and Cherokee dashboards. Lots of bezels but haven't found any of the vinyl/foam dashes. Thx again - excited to be part of this community .
  6. Hi there - I'm a new owner of an '88 Comanche Pioneer (Though I've owned an 85 CJ7 for over 10 years). I'm also new to the Comanche Club and love that I found it! Two things: 1. My dashboard (grey) has some cracks (not the bezel but the top by the windshield). Can't seem to find a replacement online and was looking for some tips on where to find one (or repair it). 2. I was also thinking that while I'm replacing the dash, would be a good time to add A/C. The interior controller has A/C options but there is no compressor under the hood. Does anyone have a good webpage o
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