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  1. Been working on the turbine wheels I’ve been busy sanding the corrosion imperfections out and managed to get one polished and it looks great. Still need to paint the inserts and caps but should be ready for the new tires by the end of the week hopefully.
  2. Thanks and just updated signature so it should show up now!
  3. Picked up a set of turbine wheels and caps today a good cleaning and fresh set of tires they will be ready
  4. Thanks I’ll see if they’ll ship them. If not then I’m still on the hunt
  5. Anyone have just the caps they would be interested in selling?
  6. Wow that would be a long haul for me would definitely like to have them heck if I could find a set of caps to buy I would buy just the caps as i’ve found several sets of wheels local to me they just don’t have caps
  7. The painter I have painting my blue z71 which is probably who will paint the Comanche used to have one and told me he had something that he would give me. Check out this gem a original bed mat. My bed is almost perfect from where I think it had a top on it for most of its life. Had to go dig it out of the painters storage building because it was buried.
  8. Very true it definitely seems the Jeep stuff is a lot more difficult to find depending on the item. I’ve only had two jeeps the other was a 1984 CJ7 I usually deal with the more uncommon GM stuff. Couple pictures of the Comanches stable mates. The blue z71 is currently being restored.
  9. Ive been keeping my eye out but no luck yet also tried car-part and no luck there either.
  10. Been debating on trying to find a set of turbine wheels and caps but they don’t seem to be easy to come by atleast in my area anyway
  11. Yeah I will send one this evening I’ll make a reminder to do it
  12. That is awesome as High Point Jeep is still open. I’m supposedly the third owner the guy I got it from got it from the original owner due to health problems.
  13. Just added it I did find the build sheet behind the passenger door panel
  14. 4.0, 4x4, AC, manual locks and windows. Build date on door is unreadable. Did find build sheet behind passenger door panel. Currently located in High Point NC
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