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  1. I was browsing: "88 Jeep Comanche" when it occurred to me that (from a distance), any MJ without graphics was just a truck of a color to the average Jane or John Doe. Jeeple would recognize it... most people probably couldn't even guess it was a Jeep. THEREFORE: MJs With Graphics... Scream Jeep and are likely recognized as such by 80% of Does who just saw a plain truck from a distance. I've been a signwriter and screen printer for 30+ years and I'm partial to OEM factory graphics... period. ○|||||||○ Go ahead, com
  2. Great for you or your friends who might have a Sport or Overland. They make for a huge improvement in form and function. About 7000 miles on them, all matching for proper 5 way rotation or just for a matched spare. I had $1,100 in the 4 at 6000 miles the 5th I had to purchase a new matching tire so 1,000 on it. Regardless I have $1,400 in them, all pristine so asking $1,200. Willing to meet within about 150 miles. Reply here to establish your dibs then we can pm...
  3. Anyone wanna buy 5 matching OE Gladiator rubicon wheels and tires? I paid 11 hundred for 4 then spent 350 on One ... lol new wheel and matching tire. Go figure. $1,200
  4. The graphic issue is solved. 89 MJ suggested they stay for now so we can see them in person. Again, feel free to comment.
  5. This is a link to my Facebook... feel free to friend me. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005027238536 I'm gonna have so much fun! I'm in sw Iowa. Text confidential thoughts to: 641 278-0184
  6. Yes folks, I'll be 63 come July and have owned 3 Jeeps and about 20 Mustangs. Lol. None were what I always wanted... an older (60s) Comanche. Having said that: I'm pretty much committed to purchase what I'm gonna call Ol' Blue and all ya'll have witnessed its build over the last couple years. It's been loved and properly built by 89 MJ. I'm inviting ya'll to COMMENT on anything you wish about this freshly built SPORTRUCK. No holds barred and it'd be much appreciated! Thanks Rd PS. I'm ok with the graphics but my wife can't stand them. I gotta say it looks damn good sans
  7. Seller is at > $25,k on this black 88 with 14k miles. Way outta my league. thanks for the replies. I gotta say I found this group by accident, joined, posted AND GOT IMMEDIATE HELPFUL COMMENTS. I'm really impressed and looking forward to contributing. The Gladiator goes Monday and I'm gonna buy an MJ on the 10th or 11th! KUDOS JEEPLE ○|||||||○
  8. Well said. First person to acknowledge what I was thinking all along! Thanks Eagle Scout BTW we can still travel in a Jeep. The wife has one :-)
  9. I believe it should be a 4x4 for what they're asking
  10. We're talking concourse money for the JM with rare lowest mileage bench seat, auto òn the column, black sb rwd... mid 20s I hafta dump the >50% paid for Gladiator to trade down
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