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  1. Been a little bit since I've updated, got the bed semi finished still gotta paint the tailgate. Gonna get that done when I do the doors hood and fenders. Having some problems with the drivers side door latch, think I'm gonna have to get a new one. Wintersrs wrapping up here and I really want to get this jeep finished so I can start driving it.
  2. Welding up this bed has been an extreme pain kept blowing through the metal, coming a long just doing some bondo work on the bed sides, the bottom of the tail light buckets are rusted really badly. Gonna most likely cut the ones I have off of a donor bed. I was meaning to ask this earlier but when I was doing the HO swap I could get the HO fuel pump into the long bed tank so I hammered the inner slosh pan out of the way. Could I buy a 91-92 gas tank and have a HO fuel pump fit in it correctly. A little worried about the truck stalling when off camber and low on fuel. Any help is appreciated thanks.
  3. This is how the truck is sitting at the moment haven't updated in a little bit, I got the electrical figured out and then had a brief fuel problem but all fixed and I started it up for the first time sounds really good just needs the timing tweaked and exhaust built. Most of the interior is in although I'm missing the rear carpet panel. As of right now I got the donor bed and leafs off of the silver pioneer and am prepping to shorten the bed. I've already cut the frame at the leaf hangers. Been super busy trying to get the 2 post up as I bought it used last summer and it was missing parts.
  4. Yeah I got it all figured out I just grabbed the plug for the NSS and looped it then I had one plug that was wrong so I moved that and it got power to the solenoid. Fixed most of my electrical problems now, only thing left is the dash lights won't come on.
  5. So I got it to turn over which is good got that all buttoned up, now I'm working on the xj HO dash harness to MJ renix harness. The only problem I'm having is the dash lights not turning on as well as the left turn signal is not working and ive traced it all the way to the dash indicating it's good. Not sure where to go from here. Are there any Interior grounds I may be missing? I know there is one to the left of the steering wheel which I have double checked and cleaned.
  6. Yeah from what I've read it's wire b and c on the plug so I'll try looping them tonight to see if that solves it. If so I'll just cut them and solder them together.
  7. I also picked up this shortbox mj with a factory roll bar! Came with a ton of parts, the po started a 4x4 swap and it came with all components to finish it. Although it is auto:/ will get my three mjs into the registry when I get the chance been super busy.
  8. Having some trouble getting the engine to crank, the starter solenoid isn't getting any power. The harness I used is out of an 93 auto with a 94 manual ecm. The starter is good along with all fuses and relays, I also cleaned all of the grounds. I've gotta double check the ignition switch, I'm wondering if I have to bypass the NSS on the auto harness as the auto harness has no way of telling if the clutch is compressed to start the jeep. Spent way to long yesterday trying to get the engine to crank.
  9. Changed the fluid in the transmission, tcase and put some oil in the engine. Installed the clutch then got It all mated up and in the truck.
  10. Hey I'm new to the forum but have been reading a ton and following diy write ups on the forum to help me get where I am with my comanche today. Although I haven't driven a comanche a ton if at all I'm already in love with them, I've got 2 lwb mjs one 89 and one 90. Currently working on the 89, also have a 91, 93, 96 and another 93 xj mainly parts vehicles. Anyways I'll try to update as I go. The plan is a full HO swap with a rebuilt 4.0, AX15, 33s with 4.10 gears Dana 30/8.8, 97+ front clip swap, SOA lift and hopefully some custom long arms although I've gotta do some more research on how to do them. My first time doing a lot of this stuff so be patient with me. As for where I'm at now, I've got the dash in along with most of the wiring done, painted with tan/black raptor line, rebuilt the engine, done sye, boxed 2x5 rockers, fixed driver side floor pan. Hopefully should have the drive line in by the end of the week. If this is posted in the wrong section please let me know.
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