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  1. Today I cleaned the factory brackets off the 8.8 and rolled it under the rear for test fitment. The gears and locker are already in, will wait to put the new cover on until it's final install. I'm using RuffStuff u-bolt eliminator perches for the spring over and shock mounts will come once axle is in and suspension cycled.
  2. I have 2 Comanches 1988 and a 1989. Both in registery now. Since this one will have more of a build I'll keep to it for now. Current state: 1988 Short bed 2wd, no engine/trans. Build plan: 4.0/42rle/231 fuel tank from a 2005 LJ Late model XJ dash HPD30 front axle, 4.88, Powertrax Grip-Pro, Black Magic Big Brakes, Revolution Gear Chromoly axle shafts. Ford 8.8 rear, 4.88, ARB air-locker Suspension: On the fence of a full RockJock 4" front (all of which I have) or a 3 link front with a combo of the RJ parts. Rear spring over on stock 2wd spr
  3. Garza


    Haha yea I noticed the grill when I picked it up. Now that I know it I see a lot of XJs that way.
  4. Garza


    1989 Jeep MJ Comanche Pioneer 2-89 2WD Long Bed 4.0 6cyl, AW4 auto I am the owner and its in north TX This one is all stock and original except the wheels/tires. I just picked it up from a local guy who parked it due to a bad injector in 2013. It has sat in his driveway, now it is in mine. Just got a new fuel rail, new injectors, new battery. Plan is to get it running and driving good. All new brakes, steering parts ect. to make safe and reliable. I will keep this one 2wd, put a small lift with new 31" tires and new wheels, Make the D35 r
  5. Garza


    1988 Jeep MJ Comanche Sport truck Short Bed Jeep is mine, located in North TX Currently getting built by me: Converting to 4wd using 2005 TJ 4.0 6cyl, 42RLE auto, NP231 HP-D30 front w/4.88 Ford 8.8 with 4.88 and ARB air locker front 3 link rear spring over 33" tires Plan is a daily driver, mild wheeler Ricky
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