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  1. Found this one that's closest to me: https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/NCF72205?partTypeName=Clutch+Master+Cylinder&impressionRank=1&keywordInput=clutch+master+cylinder
  2. Hey all, There is a significant leak coming from the master cylinder where it comes through the firewall, directly over the fuse box. I'm looking to keep my Peugeot transmission for now (until I can afford an upgrade). For the time being, what do you guys recommend for replacing/upgrading the master cylinder? On the forums I see all sorts of varying responses on what master cylinder to get (Luks, Doorman, etc). I've also seen some say to replace both the master and the slave? What has worked for you? I just need something that won't be too expensive and won't be too much of a bear to fix.
  3. I followed tips 1-5, and the above. My idle is now better after swapping out all the vacuum hoses, but the engine will die sometimes when coming to a stop with the clutch pressed in. I have cleaned the IAC and the top and sides of the throttle body. Should I just pull the whole thing out and clean the bottom? Also, my turn signals do not work, but I know that the lights on the dash are working (I have a trailer brake that can activates both when used). Any thoughts? I swapped fuses but no luck. If it is any help, I was able to get the hazard lights working after wiggling the fuse.
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    1987 Jeep Comanche 4.0l I6, presumably BA10/5 (haven't confirmed) 5 speed manual, 2wd Approximately 107k miles Madera County, California Project build, should be on the road soon Notes: Has CB radio components, 5th wheel attachments that came from the previous owner, as well as a custom stereo (encased in wood behind the seats), and a manual trailer brake (which is very obnoxious). Current owner: Moi
  5. Hey y'all, Going to do a smog test in CA (Mariposa county) tomorrow for the 1987 Comanche I just bought. It had the CA emissions purge tank installed at the time. Unfortunately, it has not been registered since 2003. Here is the purge tank. The hoses were completely rotted out. Unfortunately the universal hosing I bought does not fit because for some reason the endings for each individual hose are sized differently?! One of the hoses is roughly 8" long with the tank side at 10mm and airbox line at 15mm. The other one is roughly 28" long with the tank side at 10mm as well an
  6. Update: Started the Manche'! Turns out the CPS connection was bad. For some reason after unplugging it and plugging it back in (after several previous tries), the truck started right up. However I am only getting .35AC so I ordered a new one despite it working. Finally figured out how to use a multimeter lol. Thanks for all your help.
  7. Yeah so I just checked the coolant temp sensor plug at the back of the head. It reads at about 10 volts, and when I ground it with the multimeter, the reading goes haywire. Performed both with ignition on. No readings on the coolant gauge, seems to be stuck at 125. So cluster/wire bad? or perhaps a fuse?
  8. Will do. It does turn and there is spark coming from the spark plug wires. I will read the Fenix FI manual to learn more about the fuel system and see what I can figure out. Hahaha yeah I was too afraid to get closer with the sprayer and stopped cleaning when I wasn't able to start to the thing!
  9. The ground was fine, I brushed it for good measure but no corrosion.
  10. Thanks! :) I feel welcome already, y'all reply quick!
  11. Driver's side? I see a bunch of connections (one of which with mild corrosion), but no ground.
  12. I cranked it and nothing came out :/ I added some more fuel for good measure but no luck. This is odd as it was working before. Is this what you're talking about? It just is snapped on there. I'm letting it charge, now I'm getting a multimeter soon so I can test it. Thanks for the help everyone btw!!!
  13. Hey y'all, First time Jeep owner, just bought a 87' Comanche with 2wd and the 4.0l paired to a 5-speed! This is my first time seriously working on any car so it has been a bit overwhelming as I only have basic automotive knowledge. When I bought the Jeep, the owner said it had an overheating problem, and had replaced the overflow tank, the water pump, and thermostat, to no avail. Unfortunately the coolant and fuel gauges don't work. After towing it home, I drove it around the block and it died 100 yards from my house. I'm wondering if it is the alternator. To mak
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