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  1. 1990 Jeep Comanche Eliminator 4.0 5spd. 231-J D35 D35 113" Door Sticker Missing Located in Central N.J. Joins a 1997 XJ (212,xxx) , 2019 Cherokee Overland (22,xxx) as a spare family truck. White exterior with gray cloth XJ bucket seats and gray console Current owner Nick Ferrant Truck was restored in East Hanover, NJ and sold to a dealer in Boone, NC. I bought it from the dealer and had it trucked back to NJ. Since purchasing the truck in November 2020, I've replaced both battery cables, shock
  2. I just got my 90 Comanche Eliminator. The first time I filled the tank It leaked profusely down the frame rail. I thought it was the fill hoses. It took several hours working through the fill door to get the hoses off. It wasn't the hoses, but the side of the tank had almost rusted through. Ordered a new tank and fill hoses from Rock Auto. Now I'm waiting for new hanger bolts since one of mine snapped. These bolts are made of unobtainium. The holes in the first image are from me lightly pushing an ice pick against the tank side. The second shows where it had been leaking along the
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