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  1. It's part of the custom roll bar that one of the previous owners installed and/or fabricated. I agree it's a neat look, but less neat when you're trying to load the bed full haha. Original quality pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/KWvDLUyrSFeC484u7
  2. 1989 Jeep Comanche 4WD automatic 4.0 L, 6-cylinder 121,500 miles Fuel injected throttle body Dana 30 front w/ factory command trac locker Dana 44 rear w/ limited slip 3.73 ratio 4 wheel disc brakes Also see: https://comancheclub.com/topic/64913-1j7ft26e1kl474909 PM me if you need more info or pics $13,500 New within the last 2000 miles: Driveshaft and driveshaft yoke Front axle pinion seal Rear axle pinion seal Starter (4) Rancho shocks Complete distributor Fuel pump Fuel line from tank to engine Ignition coil Ignition control m
  3. The metal is pitted and not smooth so it doesn't seal properly and is leaking. You can see the pitted metal in the 3rd pic.
  4. I'm having a real hard time sourcing a replacement yoke for the drive shaft connected to my Dana 44 rear. There's no identifying info on the yoke itself. I attached some pictures. If anyone has a source, or one for sale, or just any info in general please help me out. Thanks!
  5. Here's two pics of the sending unit lock ring on the tank. In the picture taken from below, you can see that the paint is peeling off towards the bottom and that area smells like gas after I rubbed my finger on it. Is it best to replace the lock ring and gasket, or could some J-B Weld around the outside do it, or something else? I'm open to suggestions.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'll get under it tonight and get some pictures.
  7. Hey all. My gas tank is leaking when I fill it up to full. The previous owner said he did the following: Fuel pump Fuel filter Fuel line from tank to engine Fuel tank removed and washed out My mechanic said the leak is coming from the sending unit, which he says appears to be welded to the tank, and recommends finding a new tank, sending unit, and fuel pump. When I look for new tanks online, some mention "includes the lock ring and gasket for the sending unit". What is the possibility the sending unit is welded to the tank? Is
  8. Gotcha. I'm finding what I need now that I have the right terminology so thanks!
  9. I lost this part recently on the driver's side. The metal trim/guide/molding that is above each passenger window. What is it called? I've been trying to find a replacement online and can't come up with the right search terms. I keep getting results either for a) for the rubber seal that goes between the door and body or b) the outer plastic molding that goes around the windows.
  10. Not


    1989, 4.0, 6-cylinder, fuel injected throttle body, automatic, 4WD, Dana 44 rear with limited slip, Dana 30 front with factory command trac locker, 3.73 ratio Build date: Driver side door sticker is missing Current Location: NC/SC Status: Daily driver
  11. @MiNi Beast: Thank you! Do I need one led flasher for each light or just one led flasher for all? Would this also work for the brake lights that don't get brighter when the brake is pressed?
  12. Hey all. I have an 89 Comanche (automatic) and I recently replaced all exterior lights with LED equivalents. My problem is when the lights switch is set either "parking" or "on", this happens: Rear brake lights (always solid with or without pressing brake pedal) bulb 1157/2057. Rear turn signals (always solid with or without turn signals set to on) bulb 1157/2057. Front turn signals under headlights (always solid with or without turn signals set to on) bulb 1157/2057. Front side marker lights (always solid but not sure if this are supposed to be turn signa
  13. These look great. I'll grind and pimer and paint them. I appreciate all the replies.
  14. Hey. Does anyone have a good source for side window rain guards that are in-channel (not tape-on) that would fit an 89 Comanche?
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