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  1. It ran last time I saw him as he drove it and parked it over at my neighbours house. The battery is dead for sure but I would assume it should start right up with a boost. Both doors sadly are rusted out though!
  2. It’s a 7 ft bed, single owner who supposedly just replaced the motor (not sure why as these things last forever). I know him personally, so there’s some wiggle room on the price. Forgot to mention, it has upgraded leaf springs (added leaf?) and shocks in the back as he’d haul his welding equipment.
  3. I have the opportunity to pick this 1989 Jeep Comanche up from a neighbor for $4,000 Canadian ($3k US). It has been sitting for the last two years without being started but I am seriously considering it as I need a car. It is an i6, automatic with 4WD in what I believe is Dark Blue Metallic. There is no major frame rust, but the lower of both door panels have been eaten away by rust and some surface rust on the rear axle. Other than that, the clear coat has peeled off a majority of the paint but I know a decent painter and can have that sorted. What're your guys thoughts? Link to photos: Photo
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