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  1. Yes I think he may have done one and when it was up for sale he had it on messenger as well with a lot of pictures.
  2. Yes it was bought this year from a guy in New York and brought to Ohio, was originally sold in Arizona when it was new.
  3. I am the 3rd owner of my MJ and it just looks like it need a boost in the front, it may just need new shocks and bushing as they could be worn out after all it is 30 years old. It just seems as though it has more rake than it needs.
  4. living the quiet life in Ohio now with its young brother, 2005 Wrangler Unlimited Rubitrux conversion.
  5. Looking for a leveling kit for my 1989 Comanche base truck anybody have any suggested application??
  6. 1989 Jeep Comanche built 3/89 with I6 engine otherwise the base model with a radio and A/C. Originally sold in Phoenix, AZ. the paint was redone in Arizona and then was sold to a guy from Long Island, NY. While it was in NY the interior upholstery was redone. I purchased it in June of 2020 and flew to JFK airport to pick it up. it has 3 8 spoke wheels and 1 6 spoke wheel, which I have obtained a set of original grey 6 spoke wheels with hubcaps and original lug nuts too. I have added the front bumperettes and a vanity plate so far. I haven't verified any other of the parts
  7. Can Cherokee fender flares be used on a Comanche? And or can they be modified to fit?
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