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  1. Thanks for the response from all of you. That’s awesome that there is availability of the window. I must of had too narrow of a search.
  2. GJeep, I will get back to you. Let me figure the approximate shipping costs. I’ve looked online and haven’t found any Comanche being parted out or just a window. I live near Dayton, Ohio so it’ll have to come across the country
  3. Anyone know where to find a rear window for an 88 Comanche? Is there an equivalent from another truck? Side Note, just got the Problem Pioneer up and running better than ever since we’ve had it and was rear ended last week. Makes me sick to think about it🤬🤬🤬 Rear window was broken along with other damages but I do believe the window will be the hardest to find.
  4. Is it worth it to get a SnapOn MT2500 scanner for my Comanche?
  5. Problem Pioneer is back on the road!! Was a bad wire on on the hot side on the fuel sending unit. I attached a pic below. Made a new wire and it runs great. Thanks for all the input...
  6. When I was testing the fuel pressure I removed the vac hose from the fpr And had no change. Replaced the fpr and still the same thing. The fuel pump I purchased through summit so I would think it’s a quality pump. The fuel filter has also been replaced. Also blew out the fuel lines and see no leaks. Would there be anything else keeping it from building pressure?
  7. Did a smoke test and any lines leaking I replaced. The MAP vac line has been replaced. I unplugged all sensors and put them back on one by one to see any change and nothing. I did try testing fuel pressure and came up with about 22 psi straight off the rail. My Haynes manual wants me to plug or unplug something on the throttle body when I test pressure but I have zero adjusting that I can see on the throttle body. Nothing to plug or unplug. Manual says it should be 14-15 psi, it’s kinda unclear to me how the manual guides you to test it for my throttle body. It looks stock to me. What is a pr
  8. I forgot to mention the obvious, I also replaced wires and plugs, cap and rotor. I did put the I believe they are called E3 plugs in. Same heat range as original plugs.
  9. Hey all, first time on here. Have an 88 4.0 automatic Comanche, as stated in the title the thing is hesitating under load and spits and pops. Over the last few years I have replaced a ton of stuff on this thing. New intake/exhaust gasket, knock sensor, throttle position sensor, map and mat sensors, ecu, timing chain and gears, fuel pump, injectors, fuel pump relay, O2 sensor, complete exhaust system, crank position sensor(on bell housing), and the idle speed sensor. There’s more but I think that’s all that would pertain to this issue. Recently replaced the timing chain and gears and it ran g
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