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  1. Hey guys I just wanted to run this buy some more experienced people to see if I’m getting played or not. i brought in a 1990 Jeep Comanche with 200+ thousand miles on it to have the engine bay all rebuilt top to bottom. guy is telling me 8500 with a 3500 down payment. Does this sounds fair to you? Nothing has fully blown out yet but I can tell she’s coming close and I have the money now so I figured why not. Anyways is 8500 fair? What should be included for that price? Again this is all work of mechanical nature no body or cosmetics. Also not I already have the parts for a front end Steering rebuild and the internals for an engine rebuild. update for clarification: I meant like EVERYTHING in the engine bay, A/C, Radiator, Intake, heads, everything. Everything in the engine bay would be replaced.
  2. No I didn't thanks, How many regular bolts should I be looking for?
  3. Hey y’all me again, On to the next step. I’m pulling the engine for a rebuild and I just wanted to know how many bolts I should be looking for for disconnect. I got the visible ones but I don’t want to start pulling and find out I missed some. Also any tips for the disconnect/ hard to reach bolts if I missed any?
  4. I removed all the bolts in the front and back but I can’t see to get the pulley/pump unit off any help?? Am I missing something??
  5. Thanks, restoring from the ground up and steering is loosey goosey thanks again man.
  6. I’ve looked everywhere, anyone know where I can get a direct fit new/remanufactured steering rack and pinion for a 90 Comanche 2wd
  7. So I’m about to buy a Comanche, current owner says brakes are acting up. Sometimes they works sometimes it’s too the floor. Already replaced master Cylinder, also mentioned rear brakes won’t bleed. Any ideas guys? Sound like a brake line issue?
  8. Should I talk him down more than? What is a reasonable price for this then? I4, 4spd. As for rust floor Panels definitely need to be replaced. Rest looked good in photos but I’ll see for myself next week.
  9. About to buy my first MJ, talked the guy down to 1600, apparently needs some brake work as sometimes they go to the floor. (already replaced master cylinder not that). Transfer case shifts good but actuator isn’t working (including a new uninstalled one) and it high idles. Other than that it seems to run pretty good from the videos and I’ll take the trip to see and possibly purchase next week. Interior is kinda rough, gotta replace floor pans, rugs, ceiling panal, and possibly the seat. Clearly it’s not the seat that came in THIS truck but could you guys help me determine if it is in fact a MJ seat just from another MJ? If that’s the case I’ll just buy brackets (it’s sitting in plywood lol). Any advice? Order of work? Anything else I should replace? (Brakes are first, safety and it’s gotta take me to school) Sorry that was a mouthful. Any advice and good part sites appreciated. Wanted one of these bad boys since a buddy in the service showed me his. update* steering is from S10 apparently
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