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  1. Thank you. I’ll post some more soon. New tires are in the works...
  2. Thank you all for the warm welcome and compliments. Much appreciated.
  3. Thank you JM0413. It certainly was well cared for by its previous owner.
  4. Hello Club! My name is Sam, I’m located in Arizona and I recently acquired a ‘92 Eliminator in great condition. Thank you for letting me join this fabulous community you have here. This Comanche has the 4.0, manual, 4wd with 107k currently on the odo. This clean ride spent most of its life in Colorado before coming to Arizona. I’m not a Jeep enthusiast per se, but I have owned a few over the years. Mostly, I appreciate what I call “unicorns” or super rare vehicles, trims, or packages. I consider Comanches to be unicorns. My goal with this ride is to maintain it, keep it in good working order and keep it stock. Not sure why, but I don’t appreciate modded rides of any sort. I will post here periodically to document the life of this Comanche while in my care. This is a picture of when I brought it home: First job, remove the ugly topper: More to come...eventually.
  5. Hey eaglescout526! Thanks for the info on the truck! I live in Buckeye and work for a car dealership. We took this in on trade and I knew it was something special and reminded me of my 97 XJ. I just brought it home and am currently removing the topper. The tires are over 10 years old and will be replaced soon. Front suspension work is needed as well. Otherwise, she’s a beauty!
  6. 1992 Eliminator 4.0, Manual 4wd, SWB Missing build sticker, so unsure of exact build date Phoenix, Arizona...spent most of its life in Colorado Still on road, drives fine, but needs some mechanical work and love Fog Lights, skid plates, completely stock White exterior with gray interior
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