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  1. Ok sounds good. Ill let you know if I find any before then. Thanks. If anyone else can help don't be afraid to chime in. Thanks everyone.
  2. I don't have a picture at the moment. but it goes though the upper left side of the timing cover theirs 2 . may or may not have a pulley or bracket attached to it on the front side you may have to remove some things pulleys, fan ect.( I can't remember). Goes through the upper left of the timing cover, the center nut acts as a timing cover bolt it goes though the timing case into the alternator bracket which is on the bottom passenger side which has 2 nuts screw on to the two bolts at the end of the alternator bracket. so you will need a wrench on the back side of the alternator and a wrench or ratchet on the front of the timing cover.
  3. If anyone has any extras their willing to part with just let me know. It would bee greatly appreciated. I'm a bit of a picky person and Ive had my Comanche for about 10 years now and maybe one day I can restore it and I try my best to do thing the right way so I don't have to worry about it later. So if I can get away with finding a replacement over just making something work, that's what I'm going to do. I appreciate everyone's ideas though but I'm just looking for a replacement bolt and I was hoping someone on here would be willing to help a fellow Comanche owner out.
  4. See the thing is Pull a Part Is shut down where I live because a Tornado recently went through it. I'm going to try a place tomorrow and see if they have anything, they have 5 Cherokees but from my understanding my specific bracket for my alternator was on the 90 and earlier 4.0l s and theirs a chance that the bolts may be different sizes for the later years also Ill check some of the newer model bolts if I have to since they only have one 90 model and compair them with the bolt I have, but hopefully no one need a alternator bracket of that 90 and the bolts are still there so . Also running just any bolt through the bracket isn't going to work. Each end of the bolt is a different diameter and since the skinnier end goes through the timing case and through the alternator bracket I would have to use a bolt that's the size of the bigger end (which a pulley attaches to it i believe) and drill through my timing case and alternator bracket and I'm not going too do that lol.
  5. I appreciate it. But spending $47 for some bolts is out of my price range lol
  6. I did the best I could with a tape measure. Over all length 4 1/8in Long end length 3 1/8in Short end length 3/4in Short end width 3/8in Long end width 5/16in
  7. When removing my timing chain cover to replace my timing chain I broke one of the special bolts that has the nuts made on to the center. I'm having a hard time finding a pair if anyone on here could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of the good one I have.
  8. The hole is about the size of a golf ball in the center of the bottom driver seat.Also their are no recline levers the slide lever is under the seat and the folding lever is at the top of the back rest on the side below the head rest Like this (Picture from google image)
  9. This interior isnt mine i got it off google images. I I used it to show which seat I had. But mines not far off lol
  10. Their factory to my 1990 Jeep Comanche Eliminator. they may have only come in the eliminators since their were considered the sport version.
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