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  1. The hole is about the size of a golf ball in the center of the bottom driver seat.Also their are no recline levers the slide lever is under the seat and the folding lever is at the top of the back rest on the side below the head rest Like this (Picture from google image)
  2. This interior isnt mine i got it off google images. I I used it to show which seat I had. But mines not far off lol
  3. Their factory to my 1990 Jeep Comanche Eliminator. they may have only come in the eliminators since their were considered the sport version.
  4. That gives me some hope I know these seat are becoming rare and Id like to keep minein good shape. Hopefully they can still get the fabric. Thank you for your help
  5. I have a hole in the fabric of one of my MJ bucket seat has anyone managed to repair this material or taken it to a upholster to have it repaired. This is what my seats looks like. I don't have an actual picture of my seat at the moment .
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