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  1. 1986/2.5l/Auto While looking under the hood of my 86 searching for my no start issues, I noticed this part. Thought it was odd that it was labeled "experimental sample" and it is not carbed so Rochester through me off a bit as well. Looks EGR-ish, but while using the handy search function on here, someone stated it was Renix only (87-90) I guess with a build date of 11/85 everything was an experiment for the Comanche.
  2. honestly haven't really had a chance to look at the axles or transmission to see whats under it. Been trying to get it to run first. So I will be posting in the tech section for help soon I'm sure. Thanks for the info!
  3. 1986 Long bed 2.5l Blue currently in Upstate NY all stock
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