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  1. 1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer Long Bed Can't find much on VIN... ORIGINALLY: RENIX 4.0, 2WD AX15 transmission, 2WD, Dana 30 "front axle", Dana 35 rear axle, 3.05 gear ratio. Location; Oregon As of 3/10/2020 this truck is back on the road. I have been working to restore it, so far I have pulled the running gear and swapped in; AX15/231 From 94 Cherokee D30 Front 4.10 Gear D20 from an 86 MJ 4.10 Gear All new open cooling system Alternator Water Pump cap/rotor - plugs/wires This truck was sitting under piles on piles of garbage at a hoarders house, I dug it out and managed to get it started. Last registered in 07. Offered 600 and they took it, I actually drove this thing home.. 97% rust free thanks to the blanket of garbage?? xD because of it sitting so long it was unreliable and needed a lot of parts replaced. still need a front driveline but I can focus on replacing steering and all the cosmetics (paint, interior ect)
  2. I'm pretty sure I have it backwards with the bend at the slave, I was in a hurry and tired and wanted it done. Thinking about it now, it makes sense for the bend to be at the master because I lost a lot of hose by it sticking up and then dropping down and around the booster.
  3. Thank you for the replies, i'm 99% sure that TJ fitting is what I need and I just ordered one. I figured I was doing something wrong, I also am pretty sure I have the braided hose on backwards and thats why its having a hard time reaching.
  4. The kid I got looks exactly like yours, The issue I had with it was that the line wasn't exactly long enough, and the fitting for the slave cylinder was to big and didn't match the hole. I did try to grind down the tip and got it in place but the rest was smaller so it just pissed fluid out. I got the hose connected but its stretched pretty tight. I wonder if I just had the wrong slave fitting and if they have what I need individually. My master is new, I also have a new master for a 94 cherokee that came with my slave. The 94 holes don't lign up and i'd rather keep it as stock as possible so I will be looking through their fittings and hopefully I can get one soon.
  5. I've got everything together my only issue is that i can't connect the clutch line from the old master cylinder to a newer style slave. I spent 85 bucks on a kit from advanced adapters that was supposed to work but it doesn't. I can't seem to find anything on it.. i bought a pre bled system fit a 94 cheokee that's what year the trans is from. The master almost fits but i think the bolt holes are just slightly offset. Best bet to drill out the holes in the master and try that way? The rod connector is a different size though i think, so i don't think it will connect to the pedal. What have you guys done to get this job out of the way? Thanks
  6. Custom cut driveline fits the rear of the comanche. Just need a new crossmember because mines to bent and custom clutch line (both in the mail) and it'll drive again. Then i can work on all the cosmetic issues like the giant @#$%ing hole in the seat 😂
  7. I have a pre bled master slave with line for a 94 but looking at it it didn't seem like the holes would line up properly
  8. Thats basically what this kit is it comes with a braided line that has 3 different fittings to adapt the new to the old.
  9. On another note, I found what I think will work to adapt the old style master cylinder to the new style slave. It is a custom braided line with fittings on it to adapt them. I don't know for sure if this is going to work but it says it does an a YJ on a thread i read so I'm hoping its the same otherwise i waisted 85 bucks lmao
  10. Alright ladies and gentlemen. The crossmember i hot thats for an ax15 fit almost perfectly. The bolt holes still don't align right. From what i can tell the crossmember will bolt with one or 2 bolts on each side which is fine, mine isn't working right because i can tell its clearly bent... so i need another one. After installing the crossmember as good as i could ( new mount, and only one side bolting on) its basically in place with a jack holding it up. Because my trans isnt rammed into my floor board now i was able to install the shifter!!! Everyone said i would need a new trans tunnel cover plate but mine fits perfectly which means the 2wd trans that was in it was a factory ax15 2wd version. Saved time and money there. So for this project right now i just need a new crossmember, drivelines made, clutch hooked up sense i went from internal slave to external. If anyone has any ideas how to get the newer style clutch hooked up to the older style let me know otherwise ill end up having to do some custom crap. I also need 4x4 linkage and shift handle stuff and it'll be good to go. I got it running today and watched the tcase outputs spin everything seemed to work great just didnt want to shift around to much without a clutch.
  11. I know at least the driver side motor mount is cracked pretty bad. The passenger side one doesn't looked cracked but they look kinda pulled at a weird angle but not by much. I do plan on replacing them both once the weather starts getting better. I haven't had time to put in the crossmember yet either, hopefully this weekend I can get that done and installed.
  12. I am getting an actual ax15 crossmember today, I'm hoping that helps align things better.
  13. I think at this point my only real options are to just get the correct crossmember, and mount and if that doesn't help I'll have to just cut a hole for the shifter and make new drivelines which i have to do that anyway...
  14. Everywhere i look it all says the bellhousing is the same the only difference is they added the hole for external slave. I don't think I've ever read any different. The old ba10 is barely shorter not enough of a difference though. I do wish i kept the 2wd ba10 to do measurements off of but that things long gone. From the day i started this thread till now i haven't gotten any closer, except i installed the starter. Lol
  15. I see no identifying numbers on the ax15, the midplate is definitely aluminum i have no doubt it's an ax15
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