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  1. I Know you guys are probably getting frustrated with delayed replies, but I do work full time 12hr shifts. Please have patience with me. It's also winter and pissing rain 24/7 and its not exactly ideal to go crawling around under it in the weather. I do not think this is an AX5, I have an AX5 in my 97 TJ and its much smaller. I will test it just to put you at ease though. While I'm down there ill bring a flashlight and i'll take pics of everything that i can. You might be right it might not be from a 94 but an AX15 is still an AX15 lol
  2. What would the correct crossmember do as far as moving the motor trans back farther? If i have to pry the $#!& out of it to get it all to move back so the crossmember will fit either something is wrong or something was wrong lol i do BELIEVE i tried to use a ax15 crossmember and the holes didn't line up i had to use the ba10 to get it somewhat bolted in. can't REMEMBER FOR CERTAIN THOUGH TO MANY JEEPS
  3. Driver side mount is really hard to see. You can't tell but the rubber has a decent sized crack in it and it looks like the rubber is pulled back kinda far. It doesn't help me, but I measured from the valve cover to the support bracket above the radiator maybe that will help one of you see if its back to far?
  4. So, if i'm back about an inch to far, the motor mounts could be the issue. I suspect that.. I will go look at the mounts soon.
  5. Sorry everyone, I was getting an email with each reply from you guys and then it stopped I figured the thread died out. Obviously I'm quite frustrated with whats happening, and I am not thinking clearly here. I live in Oregon, its been very rainy and just bad weather in general so i have not gotten a chance to go outside and take a peak. I will start with looking at the motor mounts so see if they have ever been modified (doubt it though) or if the bushings are completely shot and letting everything move. As far as the crossmember, yes its still the BA10s factory. I wasn't givin the correct XMember with the AX15 when I got it. The F/R drivelines are actually from a 86 2.4 V6 4x4 long bed Comanche. I wasn't sure if they would fit and I did have my doubts. So i'm not to set back by that. I am sure I can find some correct length ones after I get everything else set up right.
  6. I'm not sure what most of the things people are saying have anything to do with the fact that the transmission itself is way to far back. If I pull off the tcase and pull off the crossmember and just hold it up with a jack, the trans itself while being bolted to the engine will still be back to far for me to do anything with it.
  7. I'm not sure why the tc matters because the tans doesn't line up either lol I'm not worried about drivelines i can make new ones
  8. There's no tag on the TC anymore, but I did pull it off and on a few times before installing and it fits fine, I also got this AX15 and tcase together from a buddy that pulled them from a 94 so they were mated at factory. The last pic shows that the motor and trans are flushly mounted and tight.
  9. I believe i had a ba10 in it before. I got the drivelines from a 4x4 comanche. I can get a xj crossmember pretty easy around here. As far as the input shaft goes i measured the depth of the hole in the back of the crank with the pilot in the hole. It tapered. At the deepest part of the hole there was still not enough room. The tip of the shaft was cut just enough, it didnt affect any splines. Based on measurements it is still in the pilot bearing and seated correctly. I cut maybe 3/16 off of the tip of the shaft.
  10. Hello, I have a lot of issues... I bought a 89 2WD 4.0L Comanche a while back. I pulled the trigger on converting it to 4x4 and while doing that I was able to find a AX15 with the transfer case from a 94 Cherokee. I pulled the front and rear axle out of a 87 4x4 Comanche that was thrashed, pulled the 2WD trans and TCase out. Here's where it gets kinda funky... Skip to HERE'S WHERE I'M STUCK IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ ABOUT INPUT SHAFT LENGTH THAT I SOLVED I tried for about 3 days to get the transmission to slide on (after replacing all the clutch components of course). I had issues with the pilot bearing but did find one that was a nice fit after some research. Having tested that the inside diameter was right by simply sliding on the input shaft before installing it in the crank I knew that wasn't going to be an issue. I slid the input shaft through the clutch and it stopped about 3/4 of an inch from mating to the motor. 3 days later and a lot of head scratching i decided to cut the tip off the the input a little to see what it would do and it went on further.... So I did some measuring and cut it off appropriately, it did bolt up just fine after that. ----------> HERE'S WHERE I'M STUCK... <---------- The crossmember is roughly 4 to 6 inches back to far to mount all 4 bolts, I could only get 2 in. The rear driveline is 4 to 6 inches to long. The front driveline is 4 to 6 inches to short. Where the shifter goes through the trans tunnel is 4 to 6 inches back towards the rear to far I can't even get the shifter on the transmission. I have been stuck here for months, everything I read states it should all bolt up, the transmissions are the same length ect ect. Was I supposed to use the old bellhousing or something? Any incite would be AMAZING!
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