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  1. I wondered about that too. I looks like a pink phone. I will see in person tomorrow.
  2. I'm looking for all original daily driver. I'm semi-retired, so daily driver for me is probably less than 1K miles per year. Just want drive down to Lowes, pick up some mulch and back home again. It will be garage kept. The vehicle spent most of its life in WVA and current owner is in OH. I'd assume truck has salt exposure. Thanks for the rust tips. I am going to look at it tomorrow. I wish I had a mechanic to take with me. I'm pretty good at reading people. Any ideas on some questions to ask (i.e. Why are you selling, etc.)?
  3. ftpiercecracker1 and 500 MJ, thanks for the input. I thought it might be a base model. I've scoured the Internet looking for comparables and the pickins are slim out there. On one hand, the original condition and low miles make me want the truck. On the other hand, the only MJs I've seen going for big dollars are mainly restomods. Any thoughts on $7K price tag? I'm probably going to get caught in analysis paralysis and miss this chance.
  4. I have an opportunity to purchase a 1990 Comanche. From the pictures and description provided, I cannot figure out which 1990 trim level it is. The description says: "1990 Jeep Comanche Truck, great condition, only 59,078 original miles. All original interior, exterior and engine. Rubber bed mat. Garage kept." I have not looked at it in person as it is a couple hours away. Can anyone here look at the pictures and weigh on what I am looking at here? The listed price is $7K OBO. Appreciate any help.
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