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  1. Thanks for the welcomes. kansashogan, I think its in pretty good condition, outside of the dash. I figure to replace the whole dash harness. Never done that so I will need all the luck and help I can get. MJXMjeepguy, Thanks for the welcome JM0413, Thanks, I am afraid you are right about it being an addition, at least its not as bad as smoking. Pete M, I will get the vin and add it to the registry. I figure the vacum harness didnt survive the fire. 89 MJ, I just want a truck to pull a small camper & boat, doesnt hurt that it looks cool also.
  2. Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and owning a Comanche. I received this for a birthday present last year, working on it as time and money permit. My Comanche is a 92, 4.0L, 5spd, 2wd. It seems mostly complete but needs work. Here are some pictures of what it looks like. Exterior I had to get a battery and replace the starter to get it running. It didnt come with AC so it didnt have a electric fan so I added one. I used a factory one off a 93 Cherokee with a broken mounting tab, zip ties are great. I finally found the factory connector, it was taped to the harness that runs under the air box. Installed a relay and the fuse and it works fine. Cooling fan and fuse box Interior, pardon the mess When I got the Comanche I was told there had been a fire under the hood, but everything was fixed. It turns out the fire was under the dash instead, it does run and drive. All exterior lights work but no interior lights. Cluster does not work at all, no gauges, lamps, speedo or tach. But for some reason the turn indicators work. No radio, blower motor works on all speeds but mode is stuck on defrost. I think this is why the cluster isnt working. Need to dig around under dash and find out what caused the fire to start with, I thought headlight switch but it appears to be towards the middle of the dash. I will try to update and add pictures as I get things done. Thanks for looking Larry
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