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  1. Thanks. I'm quickly feeling the tendrils of addiction spreading. I've spent the last week scouring the interwebz on all things Jeep, especially MJ.
  2. 1988 Olympic Edition Pioneer 203,000 miles 4.0 6cyl / Automatic Trans / Stock front, rear, TC / SWB Build date: 4/18/88 (thanks eaglescout526) Menomonie, WI Blue with black/gray interior Bench seats. I have been looking for a small truck for some time. Found this one for sale last week on a notecard pinned to a bulletin board in the local Ace Hardware store. I am now the proud 3rd owner. The seller provided me with the manual that both he and the original owner had documented everything (and I mean everything) that has been done to this truck. Co-worker is a Jeep guy and a 30 yr mechanic. Truck was running terrible when purchased, but with a new fuel pump, it is running like a champ. Will need new exhaust though, as she's pretty loud. Haven't decided on how crazy I'll be in modifying this. For now it's just nice to have a truck in the family again.
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