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  1. The red interior was installed because it was what was available for complete interiors. even the dash is red, so i imagine it was a bare cab at some point. It was complete so i decided to save the time sourcing correct color interior bits as its a semi custom MJ anyways. So once the floors were done and ready for interior install, i ordered carpet. it did have the red, and the headliner was already redone in black and looked good. i decided to order new black carpet for it. closed the doors, and began striping paint, decals, and prepping for metal finish work. a lot of metal finish work i might add.
  2. @Peterkenyon on the insa. Hes a part of #TeamRideRevival and is was riding shotty for the day in the Z06 Thank You Sir! Bronze.
  3. Both panels were hand formed and mig welded. everything got the POR15 and seam sealer on top, POR15 and undercoat on the bottom side.
  4. I seen all i need to see. a bunch dents, bunk body lines, and some rust in the floors to deal with. Yeay me! Time to get to gutting this thing! I knew i was going to repaint the whole body, door jams, tailgate, spray in bedliner, and possibly some under hood bits. The only place to start to get this job right is metal work. pull the nasty carpet and go at the holes i found in the floor. two spots on the driver side, just at the footwell on both side of the uniframe. Clean, cut, replace.
  5. Got it into the shop so i could see what i really had to work with.
  6. So I am second generation restoration, custom paint, fabrication, and collision repair. I have Been into jeep Mj's and Xj's as a hobby and have done several projects either for myself, or clients over the years. I bought this last year during a slow winter. It was a 91 Eliminator, and seemed to be in decent shape. i went up, looked at it, then drove it home. Here she is the way i got her, the day i got her. So Whats the dellio you ask? It was a crap shoot. it ran and drove, but needed a lot of things. and was really rough. it had been getting parted out for some time. It was put back together byt the guy i got it from. some parts were there still, some sourced. it had the original AX15, a 4.0 from a 92 XJ with 200k ish on the ticker, and a Ford 8.8 rear axle, 3;73:1 disk break, 31 spline, and a limited slip. New clutch, 97-01 front cherokee clip conversion, and a flowmaster muffler single in, dual out. I had plans to paint it, fix some jazz, and list it for sale. it had been a slow winter and i needed something to occupy my time.
  7. Restoration by Www.RideRevival.com #TeamRideRevival~Youtube Channel look us up on Facebook! I keep getting asked to do a build thread for the truck here. You seem like a good community of people so i figured id make the effort to hook you all up with an old school "Build Thread" Before: After: I did everything myself and have a few hundred pictures. Stay tuned, ill update as i get gaps in time. I know some of you have been looking forward to this thread. Thanks for the look! Glad to be here. Bronze.
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