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  1. Gotcha, thanks! Anyone have experience with fox 2.0. I saw some for 2-3" lifts that might be a good choice for me. Fox Shocks 985-24-131 Fox 2.0 Performance Series Smooth Body IFP Shock; Extended 26.350 in.; Collapsed 16.750 in.; Stroke 9.600 in.;
  2. I have GS metric ton with MW leafs and rocky road 1.5" lift shackles. Wondering if these would work ok? Searched the forum and it seems no one has tried them, am I missing something? 25.94" open 15.31" closed
  3. Yeah, that would bother me. Lacking support is one thing, wrong parts and misleading advertisements is a whole different issue. I'll be sure to be very careful what I order and inspect it well, thanks.
  4. Ahh, gotcha. This was actually my second order with them. The first time I ordered a set of door gaskets/seals, a lot of them, like 300 bucks worth. Then the deal fell through for the MJ I was buying that night. So I texted, emailed, called trying to cancel order. No response. I get package and email them again this time threatening to get paypal/amex involved since I tried to cancel within 24 hours and never got a response. I said I'm fine with paying return shipping but not the 20% re-stocking fee. Later that day I get an apology email and a pre-paid return label and no re-stocking fee. So, while it was a bit off putting at first, they ultimately treated me more than fair with picking up the shipping tab. So I can see where service is definitely lacking, but in the end they did right.
  5. I already ordered a new pair from the teamcherokee site, really appreciate the offer though!
  6. Thank you Minuit, just what I was looking for, really appreciate it! You guys are great here. This is my first MJ so I'm going to try to limit my questions and not annoy y'all too much lol. Think I'm just going to go ahead and 2 get from team cherokee for $80. So they'll match on both sides. Out of curiosity, whats the deal with the dislike? Seen it a few times?
  7. Thanks for the info NH, I might be doing that. Eagle, how did you find it, I'm not well versed in internet searching apparently. My other option is to spend 50 at team cherokee and get a new one, and be done with it... but I'm not 100% my color is "charcoal" as described on the team cherokee site.
  8. I read that but didn't really find a clear answer or a paint number I could find available. Would "charcoal" armrest be what mine are, or is there a light gray interior color too?
  9. Is this the "charcoal" color on my 89? Looking to maybe order a new armrest as this one is a bit dis-colored. Or is there a paint that woupd match well?
  10. Great, thanks guys, just what I was hoping to hear. Its a SWB if that matters too. Any idea if jk wheels with adapters would fit ok? With the stock 17" size @ 255/75/17 tires. ~32" I have some really nice recon wheels I'd love to use on it.
  11. So I have some OME 2930 springs with the jks acos in front for what I think should be 3" with acos fully compressed. In the rear I'm getting GS Metric Ton military wrap leafs, supposedly good for 1/2" over stock (new leaf height). And rocky road shackles good for 1.5". Am I going to install this and have a reverse rake going on or should it be pretty level?
  12. Did you get the military wrap, I believe Joe at GS said those get about 1/2" higher. Kinda custom made for slight lift he phrased it.
  13. So I just got an 89 comanche 4.0 SWB 2WD. Looking to replace all the suspension and get a moderate 2-3" lift. First, I read the discontinued n40l ome shock was great for this combo. I found a ome n30E that has very close open/closed #s, but haven't seen anyone mentioning them at all. Am I missing something? N30E is 15.31/25.94 OME N40L (15.6"-25.8") I've already ordered: GS military wrap metric ton leafs The n30e Light duty ome pn. 60046 shocks Ome 2930 coil springs JKS Adjustable coil spacer Soo... What have I screwed up so far, lol? New to MJ world, been a sports car guy, a lot of this is pretty new. Thanks in advance, I'm Sure I'll have a million questions for you guys 👍
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