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  1. Found this online but can't seem to find those wires that go into fuse slots
  2. I imagine some are from xj and not needed on my mj but just wanted to make sure. My mj has no cruise control or power anything
  3. Looking to see what's my best option to put a new motor in. Most xjs are way past 100k or have sat for years. Is there a crate motor I can get or just rebuild mine. It run great but it is coming up on 300k
  4. Any ideas on fixing it and cleaning up fuse box. Thought of grabbing one off a xj in the junkyard.
  5. Also I have replaced vault cover gasket and oil filler cap yesterday, so maybe one of the two helps. Going to replace filter and wait and see. I'm just bothered by the makeshift ccv elbows.
  6. I have replaced termostat, changed nothing. Thanks for the vent tip, they now work. I'll have to research those blowback test u mentioned, but thanks for the info. Below is the ccv elbows I used because they came from Jeep and still didn't fit. We have to same mj also😀
  7. Oil is in the air filter, have had an impossible time finding the ccv or pcv elbows and grommets for the vault cover. Used the ones i ordered from jeep and made it work with black gasket maker. Air is only coming out of the defrosters and is very weak when temp is set to max heat, replaced many vacuum lines and still nothing. Replaced a/c control unit still nothing. found what makes the vents change under the driver side dash and was able to get it to switch manually but will not stay. driver side door is to low and is ruining my fender. Truck will not heat over 150 F making the heat weak. is there supposed to be a backup light, because there isnt. pictures can be added as needed
  8. Couldn't post on for sale, but it is mine. $2200, runs amazing with a few minor things excepted from a 32 year old truck. New valve cover gasket, new alternator and spark plugs. No key lost it because it starts without key. No wipers ATM, I have 4.8 amp wiper relay otw, hopefully it fixes it. Anymore questions just let me know.
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