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  1. YES!!!! This is what I needed!!! Thank You!!! Ok... I think we can go from here. Jeep Driver, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! CPS or wiring issues. Thank you!
  2. Right now, I've got this Comanche that a man is trying to get running for his son as a first vehicle. He's in way over his head in the amount of money he's spent on this thing. In addition to that I've got a 99 Chevy Suburban with a 5.7L vortec that is pushing antifreeze into the crankcase and a 96 Ford explorer that is throwing O2 sensor codes after replacing the exhaust system and a 77 Jeep CJ7 complete rebuild project going on all at the same time! I'm stretched a little thin at the moment.
  3. ok. I really want to thank you for all your help and patience!
  4. There is a sensor on the side of the throttle body. Is that not a throttle positioning sensor?
  5. Yes, the fuel pump is new as is the tank, the lines and the electrical connectors to the pump.
  6. please tell me how I can make this situation any clearer? I'm all ears. Sorry, a bit frustrated but it really seem these great guys are trying to help me and believe me, I appreciate it. Well, we had the fuel line disconnected to see if we had fuel pressure and when we bypassed the relay the fuel pump shot fuel across the shop.
  7. Right - thanks. This helps a lot!!! But it also says (in ECU is not switching the injector) "the lamp should "pulse" dimly" - It's NOT pulsing - the noid light is solid dim, not pulsing
  8. When we bypassed the relay with a jumper wire in the connector we have plenty of fuel pressure. It's when we connect it all back up that it doesn't seem to work
  9. simple testing of what? The CPS was replaced with a new one. Normally when you replace a part you assume it WORKS! Yes? But I guess we all know what happens when we assume...right? I'm just trying to find a reasonable solution to this problem.
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